Technology Literacy Narrative Reflection


Image Credit: Marcie Casas

When I started writing my Technology Literacy Narrative, I compiled a list of ways I have used technology. I was not surprised at the number of ways in which I use computers and the internet, but initially I did not consider how they affected my personality. On Friday morning, working on the 7th floor of the Woodruff Library Stacks, I had my “Eureka” moment. I realized that technology has helped me grow as a person. More specifically, technology has helped me communicate with others, expand my curiosity, and become more independent. I began outlining a new narrative by putting each item on my list into one of three categories: communication, curiosity and independence. My next draft was better, but it looked like a “typical high school essay” with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion that merely summarized the three body paragraphs. I spent a few hours thinking about how technology influenced me day-to-day and over the long term. I incorporated these influences into the essay and added a new conclusion to my final draft. Writing this essay has allowed me to think about the impact of technology that I took for granted has had on my life.

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